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The "A" Team is setting new standards for the construction industry. You should expect more from your public works contractors. That's why every member of the "A" Team is empowered to lead with confidence, to anticipate obstacles and find quick solutions, and to be creative and innovative every step of the way. Our goal is to provide excellence every time. Here are some of the genius minds working together to raise the bar to new heights. 


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The "A" Team



Abe Benitez

Abe recently joined the “A Team” in 2016, and has already proved himself a major asset to the company.  He got his education in Pasadena City College in Business Administration and went on to Cal State Northridge University to complete his Bachelor’s in Business Management. After over a decade in the hospitality industry, Abe brought his experience with people to the construction industry, making him a key player for Aramexx. He has a passion for growth and self-improvement, always keeping in mind that the wisest people never stop learning. Also known as “Mr. Officer.”




Amanda Burkey





Bruce Gallardo

With over ten years of experience, Bruce continues to expand the innovation of Aramexx, and has helped cement the ideas and culture of the company. His stance on always completing projects with the customer in mind has guaranteed that every customer has peace of mind knowing that Aramexx stands behind all of their projects. Bruce is constantly learning new ways and methods to revolutionize the industry. Maintaining a professional atmosphere with a playful vibe is his forte, but most describe him as “That Guy.”



General Manager

Guadalupe Gallardo

Guadalupe understands the importance of creating environments that people are proud to work and live in.  She earned her bachelor’s degree from Cal State University of Northridge in Family and Consumer Science, making her an expert at building relationships with both individuals and communities. It was the skills she gained from her education that  led her to Aramexx, but what Guadalupe finds the most fulfilling is the company’s culture, where she is empowered to implement her drive and passion for community development. Her goal is to help lead Aramexx on its journey to thrive and transcend the construction and development industry, leaving an everlasting impact. Also known as the Feng Shui enthusiast.




Sal Samour

Aramexx Construction was founded when Sal Samour discovered that innovation and creativity was lost in the construction projects occurring during that time. It was then that he realized the difference between construction and creation – projects merely being CONSTRUCTED can only be appreciated after they are built, while projects that are CREATED are treasured and valued before they exist. Sal strives to bring forth passion and optimization to every project he creates. With more than a decade of experience in working with public works companies, he continues to polish and mold his expertise in the construction industry. He is also an avid chips and salsa connoisseur.